Sewage sludge - pollutant and important raw material reserve!


The treatment and utilization of sewage sludge from wastewater treatment are undergoing major changes, and the framework conditions are changing drastically. The specifications and trends in Switzerland, Germany, but also already Austria assumes a mandatory recovery of the resource phosphorus and a future ban on spreading in agriculture. Sewage sludge is also increasingly becoming an important source of energy.

Operators of wastewater treatment plants, associations, authorities above a certain size are required to develop concepts as an answer to these challenges already now.

We are experts in innovative treatment, possible drying, and utilization of sewage sludge up to modern thermal treatment.

Within the framework of concept development, we examine for you the optimal possibilities of the future handling of sewage sludge, technologies, logistics, locations, transition scenarios, costs, funding possibilities, economic efficiency, and effects on the fees, which are exactly adapted to your framework conditions.

As part of the concept development, the inclusion of renewable energy recovery from wastewater and integration into the energy concept, drying, reduction of logistics costs and CO2 impact, etc. will also be examined.

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