Innovative use of energy from wastewater


The energy from municipal and commercial wastewater in Austria currently goes largely unused into the sewer networks and wastewater treatment plants, or subsequently into receiving waters and rivers. Wastewater is a heat source available all year round, 365 days a year, and can be used via modern heat exchangers and heat pumps. The use of energy from wastewater for heating and cooling contributes to the achievement of climate protection goals and makes economic sense. The use of wastewater to generate heat is classified as "renewable energy" throughout the EU. Energy from wastewater is ecological as well as CO2-neutral can make a valuable contribution to the energy transition as well as to the decarbonization of urban areas and thus to the achievement of climate and energy targets.

With the Rabmer Group/Altenberg we prepare potential analyses, feasibility studies, implement concrete projects for the energetic use of wastewater for heating and cooling.

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